The Small Print

How we work:

The club is run by a democratically elected commitee of up to twelve volunteers. This committee meets regularly (around once a month) and answers to the club membership each year at an Annual General Meeting. This is usually held at the end of March when a proportion of the serving committee either steps down or stands for re-election. At this time, new committee members can be proposed to serve for the next two years.

Our accounts are independently audited each year. We carry no debt. The new clubhouse was paid for with money raised over four years for that specific purpose. It was opened in 2018. Annual turnover in 2021 was £13,000.

We enjoy free access to a toilet block and tool store owned by Plymouth City Council. This is sited just inside the double gates at the southern end of the club. PCC have agreed to waive the £1,500 annual leasing fee on condition that the club remains open to all and encourages wide community participation. To fulfil that criterion, the club is required to submit an annual report supporting that claim.

Members wishing to view club minutes, policy papers and the club’s Constitution are invited to contact the club secretary at: