Update from Tom – Spring is here!

It’s that wonderful time of year again – the very best time of the year, I always think – when the club’s gardens and grounds begin to wake into spring and the trees burst into bud with a fresh, bright, lime-coloured green that makes the heart lift after the drab greys of winter. It’s also an excuse for my crafty seasonal reminder that, as the grass begins to grow and the bees begin to buzz, if you want to retain access this summer to your Secret Garden behind the little locked gate – it’s time to pay your annual subscription.

Many of you have already renewed your membership for this year, but a fair number have not yet got around to doing this little thing. I say little, because it is just £20 per year, per adult.  That equates to less than seven Tamar crossings or ten ice creams: peanuts, as Snoopy might say ! So – time to cough up, folks, or risk having your key fob deactivated just as the hot summer rolls in to our southern Stonehouse shores. We’d hate to lose you – especially before you’ve had the chance to admire the tasteful decor in our brand new, key-pad controlled, fully functioning toilet block: that’s got to be worth a tenner a go in anyone’s money.

See you at the season’s ‘First Flush BBQ’  on May 23. When you’ll be fully paid up, natch.

Tom Keene

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