Update from Tom – new beginnings

It’s nice to step inside. By which I mean that, for months it seems, I’ve been writing newsletters about our efforts to get our new clubhouse built; in situ; delivered; actually here. Now, with the clubhouse finished, watertight and blending into the countryside with an easy assurance that suggests it’s always been here, we’re starting to turn our attention indoors: to think about the way the club will function, how it might be used and what its fixtures and fittings might look like. Which, surprisingly perhaps, is not as simple a task as you might suppose. Above all, we want to get it right: to choose and buy stuff once, with care, rather than rush into IKEA with a shopping list that’s gone sour by the second Sunday in Lent. 

We had one of our annual Brainstorm sessions recently: a chance to spend a whole day together chewing over where we think we’re going and how we’re going to get there. We decided, first and foremost, that we now needed to put together a team with someone in charge to specifically manage the new clubhouse: to blend together the roles of manager, procurement officer and housekeeper and so ensure that whatever happens inside the building is part of a planned and co-ordinated long-term strategy. We decided also that it was time we had a kitchen. Truth to tell, we’ve had a kitchen for months: one was donated at the start of the summer. It’s been lying in the old green shed in thirty dismantled sorry pieces awaiting its moment of resurrection and installation. Well, that moment has come!  It’ll be installed in the next few weeks. Finally, we agreed there should be an official opening next Spring. We even decided a date:  May 6 2019. That is also our self-imposed deadline to get the whole place finished, inside and out. On past form, I’d bet we get there with time in hand…

So – make a date in your 2019 diary now: SLTC Clubhouse Grand Opening:  Bank Holiday Monday, May 6 at 2pm.

There. It’s official. We can’t back out now!

Enjoy our autumn colours.

Tom Keene

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