Update from Tom…March – AGM

We held our AGM on March 20 and the club’s New Year kicked off to a healthy start with the return of no fewer than six members being voted onto the committee. The good news – and we are a club which is interested  exclusively in news of this particular variety  – is that there are now twelve fully-elected committee members all pledged to work together on your behalf to make the club even better than it is already. The decision to increase the size of the committee was recommended unanimously by the existing committee to help with the increasing volume of work that has come with our recent growth and expansion. So – welcome, all. Equally pleasing is that, once again, there were more members prepared to stand than there were committee posts, which suggests we must be doing something right !

The pledge – as ever – is to put the finishing touches to the new toilet block in time for the start of the new season and to raise money for the new clubhouse. Thanks to the efforts of Claire Honey, a professional fund-raiser who gives the club her services free and who is now a newly-elected member of the committee, the bids are out there and there is reason for cautious optimism although, as ever, our pitches are up against fearsome opposition.

None of which, of course, should get in the way of your enjoyment of the new season which is just around the corner. The grounds are looking great, the trees are abud, the lawns will soon be ready, the flower beds are about to flower and the little furry things are stripping off their winter woollies for another sun-drenched summer. See you there!

Tom Keene, Chairman

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