Update from Tom – Hot spell?

I do hope you’re all enjoying what laughingly passes for summer this year.  Who knows, we may even be in for a sizzling hot spell very shortly.  One can only live in hope and keep the sunbloc close to hand.

In any event, it’s time to chalk up another success for the club with the criminally-low membership fee of just £ 20 per adult. That’s per year, by the way – not per month. And earlier this month we held our third annual Soupe Au Pistou. Which, for those of you who weren’t there, don’t get the French bit or decided to stay home and watch the mud-wrestling, is, in effect, a community meal down a long table with everyone bringing their own plates, gobbling rods and bottles.  Soupe Au Pistou – as the name suggests – is a traditional meal of crudités, vegetable soup, cheeses and fruit flan which was served with their usual élan by the club’s volunteer cooks, chefs and assorted vegetable choppers.  The sun shone, it stayed dry and the afternoon drifted on in the very best of newly-formed traditions. Sixty-four sat down together this year – a record!  Most pleasing of all, perhaps, we were able to break bread with a number of new members who fitted seamlessly into the mood of general happiness and well-being up there on the immaculately-tended top lawn with Plymouth Sound glittering away just a baguette-toss to starboard. So welcome, all. Oh – and in case you’re wondering – the dish comes originally from Provence in southern France and was invented back in the days when wheels had square corners.  The Roman poet Virgil described pistou as something he made by crushing herbs in a mortar with garlic, salt and olive oil. So now you know.   Santé!

Don’t forget, by the by, that we hold social croquet evenings up on the top lawn every Tuesday evening in summer when the weather is fine. Which it will be – very, very soon. See you there.

Best wishes

Tom Keene Chairman, Stonehouse Lawn Tennis Club

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