Update from Tom – First Flush…

Late May marked a particularly important milestone for our club: we officially opened the club’s new toilet block. We now have three toilets and a stores area open for business. It marked the passing of an era, if you’ll pardon the pun: ever since the days of shiny hard loo paper, club members taken short have had to scuttle off elsewhere, cross-legged and squinty-eyed, to attend to personal needs.  Now, at last, help is at hand within the club grounds, thanks to a lot of hard work by club members and the generosity of Plymouth City Council who have agreed to waive £1500 a year rent just so long as we continue to make the club – and its toilets – accessible to all in Stonehouse. Which, as you know, is something we are all pledged to do.

The official opening – Operation First Flush – took place on Tuesday, May 23 when a club BBQ marked the start of the new Tuesday evenings season of Croquet, Bowls, Boule and general merriment. More than one hundred members and guests enjoyed one another’s company up there on the top lawn on a dry, balmy evening that augured well for the golden summer that stretches ahead. Not only that, but we raised £500 for the new clubhouse and….the fleet was in: The Sound was full of warships all drawn up, presumably, to pass in review and honour our official opening. I wonder if they still have shiny loo paper on board?

Have a lovely summer –

Tom Keene Chairman, Stonehouse Lawn Tennis Club

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