Big changes at the club…

I am writing this in the dreg-days of April and things are moving on a-pace.  The Old Green Shed has been de-constructed and removed from its original site. The Big Metal Container, as you know, has been de-constructed on a rather more permanent basis and has been carted off to whether it is that Big Metal Containers are carted off to at the end of their useful lives.  The concrete base revealed beneath the BMC has been extended and the Old Green Shed has been reconstructed on that extended base, leaving space for the foundations for our spanking new clubhouse which is now on order. All with me so far?  ‘Course you are!  None of this, of course, happened by accident.  Committee member Andy Bell rolled up his sleeves and put out a call for help and – Lo! Help duly arrived whenever it was needed. Many thanks to all those who turned out when they were needed.

On to other matters: As reported last month, Andrew Jeffery, our long-serving committee member and gardening supremo stood down from the committee at the AGM as he had long threatened to do.  In his irreplaceable place we have Andy Bell looking after lawns, mowers and Matters Mechanical, we have Fauzi Mantoura looking after the tennis court and Chris Stratford has agreed to share his love and detailed knowledge of plants and trees and look after the flowerbeds and shrubs.  Again, thank you all for offering help just when it was needed.  The AGM held in early April resulted in the re-election of your entire committee and I have been asked to serve another year as your Chairman.  It’s the last one. I promise.

Meanwhile, the summer season threatens to get into its stride with a club BBQ to set things off on Tuesday, May 15 and our annual summer fete planned for Saturday, July 7.

I hope you have a wonderful summer.

Tom Keene


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