A wonderful day

Saturday, July 1st. A wonderful day.

It had rained most of the week of run- up and it rained much of the night afterwards but, during the critical hours that mattered, the sun shone out of a clear blue sky and helped make our major annual fund-raising summer fete a huge success attended by more than 200 people.  One of our most senior members, Jean Trevaskus, reminded me that the club actually began in the 1920s and that, allowing for various interruptions – WW2 being one of them – the club had hosted a summer fete right here on the top lawn something like sixty times.

Saturday’s summer fete in my humble opinion, was probably one of the very best. It raised about £1400 for the new clubhouse. So a huge thank you to all those who helped put things up and take things down; to those who catered and cooked and served, to those who wanged wellies and splatted rats.  And sold tickets, and to all those who came along to just sit in the sunshine, enjoy the visiting Morris Dancers, nibble away at a pasty or cream tea and take in one of the very best views in England.

Membership, I might remind those of you who are thinking about joining but haven’t yet taken the plunge, remains a ridiculous  £20 a year per adult. We must be bonkers.

Best wishes

Tom Keene Chairman, Stonehouse Lawn Tennis Club

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